Month: December 2018

“Mount Thule, Bylot Island” 1930 oil on canvas, 32¼ × 40¼ inches by Lawren Harris

Why Do You Make Art by Robert & Sara Genn

The Painter’s Keys – Letter A subscriber asked us this question for a university thesis: “Why do you make art?” I included it in a previous letter and some responses came in. I knew we were onto something when another subscriber wrote, “The gift was recognized very early in my life. There were marvellous tools

“Le Pont de l’Europe-Gare Saint-Lazare” 1877 oil painting by Claude Monet (1840-1926)

Art Potion by Robert & Sara Genn

The Painter’s Keys – Letter Here, in France, potions are in fashion. Miraculous mineral waters, copper bracelets, Thalassotherapy, algae injections, mud activities, the pleasantries of colonic irrigation — there are ways of purging the bad stuff from the lungs, brains and bowels. Going by the number of Boxters and Beamers parked outside the fashionable Miramar