A Painter’s Myth by Robert & Sara Genn

A Painter’s Myth by Robert & Sara Genn

“Horses Hauling Logs in Winter”
painting by Maud Lewis

The Painter’s Keys – Letter

As a little girl in South Ohio, Nova Scotia, Maud Dowley suffered from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, which kept her small, with almost no chin and other physical differences. She spent her childhood at home with her parents and brother, and when her mother encouraged her to make hand-painted Christmas cards, Maud found that she could fashion a world of her own and depict the abundance of rural life.

When Maud was 32, her father died, and two years later her mother followed. Typical to the era, Maud’s brother inherited the family home and Maud soon went to live…

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The Painter’s Keys is published primarily by a team of volunteers, with a goal to reach as many creative people as possible.


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