Yalitza Aparicio (center) in Roma.

Tableau by Robert & Sara Genn

The Painter’s Keys – Letter “You have a first image,” said Mexican director Alfonso Cuarón, when describing his inspiration for his new film, Roma. “You just know that it is always going to be there. You don’t question that.” In Roma, almost every scene is meticulously composed and timed in a wide-angle tableau of human

“Mount Thule, Bylot Island” 1930 oil on canvas, 32¼ × 40¼ inches by Lawren Harris

Why Do You Make Art by Robert & Sara Genn

The Painter’s Keys – Letter A subscriber asked us this question for a university thesis: “Why do you make art?” I included it in a previous letter and some responses came in. I knew we were onto something when another subscriber wrote, “The gift was recognized very early in my life. There were marvellous tools

“Le Pont de l’Europe-Gare Saint-Lazare” 1877 oil painting by Claude Monet (1840-1926)

Art Potion by Robert & Sara Genn

The Painter’s Keys – Letter Here, in France, potions are in fashion. Miraculous mineral waters, copper bracelets, Thalassotherapy, algae injections, mud activities, the pleasantries of colonic irrigation — there are ways of purging the bad stuff from the lungs, brains and bowels. Going by the number of Boxters and Beamers parked outside the fashionable Miramar