Indestructible Transformation Of Life

Collection “Feeling Blue” by Carmen Fine Art

Carmen Fine Art – Blue Collection A small collection of contemporary fine art paintings in blue color palette. Repressed Reality My Rising Projection Indestructible Transformation Of Life Ode to Aesthetic Ego Tender Vision Of Blue Feeling Hallucinogenic Altarpiece Decomposed It’s art if can’t be explained. It’s fashion if no one asks for an explanation. It’s

Undefined Compilation - Vegetable

Art Prints Gifts – Color And Style

If you’d like to give art prints to someone whom you know appreciates abstract art, it’s important to know the recipient’s preferred styles as well as have a good understanding of their living space, favorite colors, and decor sensibilities. As with any other artwork, it’s ideal to select work that complements your existing decor in

Still Life with Ham, Gerret Willemsz Heda

Artists Known For Still Life Paintings

Still Life with Ham, Gerret Willemsz Heda Paul Cezanne is well-known for his still lifes, where he played with perspective and often painted fruit, such as in “Still Life with Apples in a Bowl” (1879-82) and “Still Life with Plastic Cupid” (c. 1895). Cezanne’s famous still life paintings were concerned with drawing attention to the

Quotes About Art And Creativity

The Unfolding Purity by Carmen Fine Art “Such is my relationship with God: on my gigantic canvass of life, I am the one throwing all of the brightly-colored paints, creating genuine splatters, authentic whirlpools of color, beautiful patterns, wonderful streaks and stains and wild accents; God is the one with the paintbrush who stands beside

Carmen Fine Art – Guest Writing

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