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“Le Pont de l’Europe-Gare Saint-Lazare” 1877 oil painting by Claude Monet (1840-1926)

Art Potion by Robert & Sara Genn

The Painter’s Keys – Letter Here, in France, potions are in fashion. Miraculous mineral waters, copper bracelets, Thalassotherapy, algae injections, mud activities, the pleasantries of colonic irrigation — there are ways of purging the bad stuff from the lungs, brains and bowels. Going by the number of Boxters and Beamers parked outside the fashionable Miramar

A Painter’s Myth by Robert & Sara Genn

The Painter’s Keys – Letter As a little girl in South Ohio, Nova Scotia, Maud Dowley suffered from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, which kept her small, with almost no chin and other physical differences. She spent her childhood at home with her parents and brother, and when her mother encouraged her to make hand-painted Christmas cards,

“Composition” 1950 oil painting Paul-Emile Borduas (1905-1960)

Painting, Fast And Slow by Robert & Sara Genn

The Painter’s Keys – Letter More than a few of us report that our first inspiration to pick up a brush was “Les Automatistes” of Quebec or Kandinsky and “Der Blaue Reiter.” Fast, intuitive strokes invite access to a spontaneous and visceral creative experience — an appealing prompt. Others first fell under the spell of

“El Jaleo” by John Singer Sargent

Effortless perfection by Robert & Sara Genn

The Painter’s Keys – Letter Carefully curated images on social media of shiny children and food, vacations and relationships presented by normal breathing humans, are irking social scientists. Apparently, the suffocating display of a polished facsimile of human experience without evidence of the associated toil, rather than delivering the desired feeling of connection and love,

Carmen Fine Art – Guest Writing

Interested in guest writing on Blog Carmen Fine Art? Your ideas are welcome! Here are some considerations: The main focus of the post should be about the art. Only original posts that have not been published elsewhere will be accepted. Original photo essays or videos are highly encouraged. Please use the contact form to share