Good Karma by Robert & Sara Genn

Good Karma by Robert & Sara Genn

“Brahmacharis” 1937
oil on canvas
by Amrita Sher-Gil (1913-1941)

The Painter’s Keys – Letter

Good karma is a creative tool. By contrast, bad karma can interfere with your work, slow your progress and spoil your fun. Your words and deeds are your honour and your glory. Future power is needlessly given away every day by thoughtless moves and ignorant remarks. It’s sad to realize that most of the world’s evil begins with our mouths. Here are some karmic tips for artists:

Make sure you stand a reasonable chance of following through when you say you are going to do something. A legacy of unfinished or incomplete projects or promises weighs on the soul and derails further…

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The Painter’s Keys is published primarily by a team of volunteers, with a goal to reach as many creative people as possible.


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