Painting, Fast And Slow by Robert & Sara Genn

Painting, Fast And Slow by Robert & Sara Genn

“Composition” 1950 oil painting  Paul-Emile Borduas (1905-1960)
“Composition” 1950
oil painting
Paul-Emile Borduas (1905-1960)

The Painter’s Keys – Letter

More than a few of us report that our first inspiration to pick up a brush was “Les Automatistes” of Quebec or Kandinsky and “Der Blaue Reiter.” Fast, intuitive strokes invite access to a spontaneous and visceral creative experience — an appealing prompt. Others first fell under the spell of the carefully planned masterworks of Neoclassicism, the incremental chiseling of a hunk of marble or the specific strategy required by conceptual art that leaves the end fabrication to a team of minions. This slower system, set in stages with rules and requiring concentration, focus, observation and accuracy, may have felt the most natural. However, no matter the speed of your brush today, take comfort in knowing there’s room to wiggle between these two systems.

Studies show that “fast,” whether or not obvious in your work, is doing most of the heavy lifting. Let me explain…

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